CKC CH TreeStarr Ramblin Man by StrmyLee, HIC, CKC CGN, RN, ASCA CD, RN, BDD, DDX, 1 leg toward his ASCA STDs. 


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One of Sojourner's greatest loves - Disc.

About Sojourner:

From the moment Sojourner's litter was born I watched them grow and was drawn to him. What I really needed was a bitch, but this darn boy stood out to me. While I tried to force myself to ignore that gorgeous "Chunky Monkey" and fall in love with one of his sisters, I just could not do it! He had the attitude we were looking for in a puppy - fearless, playful, people oriented.

Rest assured this boy has lived up to our hopes for him. He works at the store with us every day and is a joy to have there. He is so well behaved and has a fan club who stop by just to see him. He is a FANTASTIC ambassador to the Aussie breed. He is the perfect gentleman at the store, but in our training classes he is the prefect demo dog - showing great focus, drive and attention. Countless people comment on how well behaved he is and when they find out he is a young dog, they are even more shocked.

Sojourner is wizzing through agility and loving his herding lessons. He's been at herding for a couple months now and is show HUGE promise, intelligence, drive and instinct. There is nothing he won't do and do quite well! We look forward to following in his mom's footsteps and adding several titles to the end of his name as well as the beginning. He proved himself in the conformation ring by finishing his CKC CH in two back to back weekends out of very large Aussie entries at the Ontario Breeders and Scarborough Kennel Club shows! Now he's setting his sights on proving he's got what it takes in many other venues. 
I see great things in this little man's future - he is a pleasure to have around. Another HUGE thank you to Becky for this wonderful little man, we love him so much!

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High in Trial - first leg toward his ASCA CD. 

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