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& our kennel is registered with both registries.

It is one of the hardest decisions a breeder who loves and lives with their dogs has to make. We love every dog that comes into our home with all our heart, but sadly sometimes we have to place them in a loving forever home when they don't work out for our breeding program. We feel each dog plays a role in the path we take and therefore they all deserve a mention,

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Our love for the Australian Shepherd started several ago when we set out to find our first Aussie. Once we had our first, we were smitten with the breed and decided to learn more about breeding our own Australian Shepherds. The journey has been a long one filled with hardships and lessons. But it has been the vision of sharing this wonderful breed with others that has kept us on this path. 

Our breeding program is aimed to achieve the goal of beautiful, sound dogs with our ideal blend of conformation and working ability that would also make the ideal addition to an active family. We will be forever grateful to Becky Androff of TreeStarr Aussies for our foundation MBIS  CKC, Premier ASCA CH, AKC CH TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby HIC, "Jackpot". Jackpot is the kind of dog dreams are made of and we could not have asked for a better start to our kennel. But it is Becky's friendship and guidance that has meant the world to us! 

The future is bright here at Oracle Aussies! 


Life at Oracle:

At Oracle Aussies, Mike and Ayella have a strong love for the Australian Shepherd breed. While every Aussie is different, every Aussie is wonderful. Our dogs live as members of the family in our home with us. If you ask us if we have children, we would say, "yes - our aussies!" We know each dogs' bark like most parents know each kids cry. 

Almost five years ago, we bought our first Aussie. At the time, we lived in Toronto, ON, but quickly realized the city was not the place for our growing family. We are now living on a beautiful 20 acre farm that we joke (although it is very true) we bought for our Aussies. The dogs enjoy the freedom of long runs every day on the property which often include swims in the pond or bounding through the woods. 

Our dogs take lessons in Obedience, Agillity, Herding and much more. They will be trialing in several sports soon. We don't believe in forcing a dog to do a sport that does not make them happy. We find sports that our dogs love to do and develop their skills from there. 

Showing the dogs is a team effort, Mike often mans our family business while Ayella goes off to shows.  Mike is the one who often plans which shows the team will go to and which dogs are shown. Although Ayella is the one handling the dogs and often at shows representing Oracle, Mike is always anxiously waiting on news and it is thanks to his commitment to the dogs that we are able to have the successes we do in the ring. 

We believe that our dogs belong in our home, not in a kennel. We love and enjoy the company of our dogs and know that they enjoy every moment with us. When we are home, they are loose in the house. They share our couch with us if we are watching television, the bedroom with us at night and are always at our feet when we are working in the office. Every time we put our shoes on, they are ready to go! For us being a breeder is secondary to our love for our Aussies. We breed because we love the breed and love to share the breed with others. Although seeing our puppies leave is very hard, seeing them grow through photos and visits, being loved and being great representatives of the breed makes it worth it! 

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