Oracle's Wishin' N Hopin', "Wish"

(Jackpot x Diva 2011)

- Loved by Buz Peoples in Sequim, WA -


"Solid of body, sweet of disposition, lover of every toy in the box, tidepool splasher, beach-runner, & my hiking buddy, this beautiful pup of a different colour, is head-strong, yet smart. She is my constant companion, sharing my couch, lounge-chair, & bed. She has changed the direction of my life & I shall always cherish her special gifts in my later years.

She loves everyone, her wiggly piggly butt is always in motion. She would do well as a therapy dog or agility candidate, but most of all she is my companion and we shall share an adventurous life together...

I would like to mention that if not for Dianne Pickens, telling me to look at the Jackpot x Diva litter on Face Book, I would have missed what this pup has brought to my life. I am forever grateful to Ayella Grossman for her insight, and the leap of faith it took for her, to allow me to be Wishy's person." - Buz Peoples, Wishy's Person

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