8 Weeks

8 wks1

Oracle's The Billionaire, "Forbes" ... Staying here until Nationals. Looking for a co-owner. 

8 wks3

Oracle's Billion Dollar Ticket "Lotto" ... Staying here. 

8 wks13

Oracle's Billions of Riches, "Kai" - Congrats Suzanne on a wonderful boy! We look forward to hearing about his adventures and will miss him lots. He has been such a joy!

8 wks6

Oracle's The Billionaire's Baby, "Heiress" ... Staying at Oracle to be co-owned with Becky at TreeStarr Aussies. 

8 wks15

Oracle Silver's the New Black,  "Dollar" - Blue Tri Girl - Sold to Frank and Susan. Travelling North America with her Daddy being a great Aussie Ambassador!  

8 wks18

Oracle Winner Takes All, "Fortune" - Blue Tri Girl - Going to be loved by Jenny and Chris. She will enjoy spending time with big sister Kayla and learning agility and Rally-O! We can't wait to cheer Fortune and Jenny on! 

8 wks8

Oracle Take the Money And Run, "Rigby" (Prize) - Congrats Gabby & Jason on the addition of Rigby. She is anxiously waiting to show her new sister Penny how fun it is to share. We look forward to seeing her in the shows, agility and whatever else you guys decide to try! Prize will be co-owned with Oracle.

8 wks11

Oracle's High Rollin' Baby, "Lexi" - Black Tri Girl - Loved by Mike, Becky and "big sister" Lily - the Golden. 

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