New Homes

Kai, Ivy and Lexi went to lovely companion homes where they will be loved unconditionally. We will post photos of them here when we get them. For the rest of the litter, see Rigby, Lotto, Heiress, Maui and Forbes on their own pages.

Kai - Oracle's Billions of Riches, CGN

Kai has settled in well to his new home with new mom Suzanne and big Aussie brother Lex. The boys are getting along well and we are pretty sure Suzanne is head of heels for her new squeeze! We are so happy to see Kai having such a great time in his new home. Thank you Suzanne for loving Kai - he is a very lucky guy. 

Kai First day home  kaiwubba

KaiAgilitysitting  KaiHead5mo

Lexi - Oracle's High Rollin' Baby

Lexi's new parents are awesome doggie parents as we have known them for over a year now. When they said they were interested in a puppy, we were thrilled. Lexi has gone to be loved by Mike and Becky and her big sister Lily the Golden. Lexi will get to visit all the time and we know she is already loved to bits! Thank you Mike and Becky for giving Lexi such a great home! 

LexiLily  MikeLilyLexi

Ivy - Oracle Silvers the New Black

Ivy is off to travel the world with Frank and Susan! She will get to travel with Frank on business and show people how aussome an Aussie is! Thank you Frank and Susan for providing Ivy with such a great home! Ivy is very lucky to have the opportunity to go everywhere with her new parents. We look forward to hearing about all her adventures. 



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