In Memory

July 20 2007 - Dec 30 2012


Dizzy spent the last years of her life loved by Cheryl and Allan at Milestone Stables where she was a constant source of love and adventure. We will never forget when Cheryl met Dizzy and tears came to her eyes. We knew then it was a wonderful match. We miss Dizzy every day, as she was a wonderful little girl whose constant smile always brought joy to every room. An injury to her leg at a young age made us decide to spay and place her, but only after we were sure through surgery, physiotherapy and much more that Dizzy was sound. When Dizzy went to Milestone stables, she greeted all the riders at the stable, did chores with her new parents and shared the home with their other dogs and cats. Dizzy's personality will forever be one that we strive for in our breeding program. Seeing the above photo still makes my heart swell - she is terribly missed.
Dizzy passed away in a terrible accident on Dec. 30th,  2012 at five years old. Her sweet life cut too short. She left behind two grieving families - Cheryl and Allan and Mike and I. She is mourned deeply and loved forever.




Darwin (Ninebark Natural Selection, CGN) is from Jackpot's first litter, brother to our Hustle and from the first litter I'd helped whelp. I can clearly remember Darwin's first minutes and his sense of adventure at only hours old. Darwin had the best home a puppy could ask for with Milena and Jim and we were fortunate enough to visit with Darwin several times as a young puppy. He was a happy and smart boy who loved life! His life was tragically cut short in a terrible accident. Our hearts will forever ache for Milena and Jim and for the loss of such a wonderful young boy. 




Heist was a beautiful black bi girl in the Jackpot x Fergie litter who sadly never took a breath. Heist was lovingly buried with one of the Best of Breed ribbons that her Daddy won the weekend she was conceived. She now overlooks our back pasture and we hope her spirit walks with us every day. It was and still is a hard loss for us. She will always remain in our hearts. We named her Heist because she stole my heart! 


Faith was a dilute black boy in Diva's first litter who only spent a day with us on this world. He joins Heist over rainbow bridge to run like only little puppies can. I'm sorry little man.



Shadow was Mike's Border Collie cross that to this day every dog we have gets compared to. Shadow was a big part of Mike's life as a young adult. Her constant companionship, intelligence and love will be missed. Her personality was part of what led us to the Australian Shepherd.

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