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Raw Feeding

The Whole Dog - Articles of Interest With article from raw food to vaccines, to heartworm and more. These articles by the wonderful Dr. Jeannie Thomason are the first place I send most people when they start inquiring about Natural Rearing. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Food - written by Oracle. A getting started guide. 


Minimal Vaccinations

Taking the Risk Out of Puppy Shots - Dogs Naturally Article

Vaccine Failure - Dogs Naturally Article
There is a potential for maternally derivedantibodies (MDA) to interfere with a puppy’s response to core vaccination.

Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs: Fraud and Fallacy - Dog Naturally Article

Vaccines and the Immune System - Dog Naturally Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions About Minimal Vaccinations - written by Oracle. 


Parasite Prevention

Read "Fleas, The Wholistic Truth" by Dr. Thomason. 

Read "Heartworm and Natural Prevention" by Dr. Thomason. 

Read "Treating Parasite - Chemical Free" by Dr. Thomason. 


Choosing a Puppy

Read about Oracle Puppies. 

Read "Finding an Ethical Breeder" by Alison Smith. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding a Good Breeder - written by Oracle. 


Australian Shepherd Breeders - Our Friends and Foundation:

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