Jackpot is the kind of dog that dreams are made of. I never imagined when we started out looking for a foundation that I would end up with a dog like Jackpot. We have accomplished so much in the past five years and I am so honoured to be on the end of his leash. His list of accomplishments to the left grows and grows. Just when I think we can't top "that" feeling Jackpot surprises me with another outstanding win. 


In the home, Jackpot is one of those dogs that captures the room the minute he's in it. He loves to be with his people, but at the same time loves to lead the pack on adventures through the forest. He has a loving disposition and has welcomed both male and female dogs into our home. He has a soft spot for his nephew Sojourner and they are often found cuddling together. Jackpot has never met a stranger and is eager to hug new friends and give lots of kisses. He's a goofy boy who will do anything I ask of him. He loves to sleep on the bed at night is always up for a cuddle.  We also found out recently that Jackpot loves to help raise puppies. The Jackpot x Fergie kids were spoiled by Jackpot. 




 Jack playing with his daughter Hustle who was only three months at the time. 

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