Jackpot x Diva - 3 Weeks Old

In honour of when they were conceived - the puppies posed with the 2011 ASCA National Specialty Catalogue this week. 

Hero - Black Tri Boy.
Confident, playful and unbelievably cute. He has a very big funny bone. 

Wish - Red Tri Girl.
Busy, social butterfly with lots on her agenda. Always off on an adventure and up for playtime.

Will - Red Tri Boy.
Sweet, gentle and quietly winning hearts.

Heart - Red Tri Boy.
Manly, confident and full of himself. Heart is playful and a joker.

Hope - Red Tri Girl.
Girlie girl. Very sweet, playful and loves to give kisses.

Chutzpah - Blue Merle Boy.
Biggest of the litter and yet very easy going and quiet. Confident and playful.

© Ayella Grossman 2016