7.5 Weeks - Outside

This was not their first time outside, but it was their first time with me. They had so much fun and are such a bold and confident group! 

Duke - Sweet, attentive and playful man. He always seems to be smiling or laughing at something. He is confident and bold. He is a thinker when training and likes to take his time to sort things out. He always has snuggles and love for us without being too pushy or demanding. He's got plenty of energy without being too intense. He settles well once he's tired, but when he wants something he will let it be known! 

Ella - Playful, confident and drivey girl. She is very active and can often be found attached to a pant leg or another puppy. She is very smart and eager to learn. She loves our training sessions and she loves to play. If she wants your attention, she will climb you to let that be known or bounce in front of you, so that you see her. She also loves her people! She loves to give kisses, play with us and be the centre of our attention. She going to be a great partner for someone looking to do training and give her a job. 

Nina - Playful, confident and strong willed - it's not enough that you give her a treat on the spoon, she wants the spoon, too. She's another puppy who can often be found attached to a pant leg. She is bold and perfectly happy venturing off on her own to check something out. Not much phases her and not much can stand in her way. She's another girl who is going to need an active home, willing to put time into training and giving her a job to do. 

Oscar - Not much can prepare someone for looking into the deep soulful eyes of Oscar. He will be the kind of dog who, like his daddy, can cheer you up with a glance, calm you down with a stare or demand more frisbee with a glare. He has developed into a bold boy who is attentive to his environment, but not much will stop him from going off on his adventures. He really wants to be with his people or find something interesting to investigate. He loves to be snuggled. He is active, but quieter than his siblings and settles faster than the girls. Often he and his brother will find a safe place together to observe or rest once they are tired. 

Etta - Just the sweetest little love-bug! Etta is quieter than her sisters, but by no means a dull bean. She is usually busy playing or doing something and while she often seeks out attention, she does not do it in a demanding or loud way. She quietly comes over and puts her paws on you and stares up at you wiggling her bum. She loves to use her paws and get you to play with her. She loves her games, toys and whatever else she can make into a toy. She likes to play with her siblings and with us. She's smart and quick to learn. She is attentive to her environment and may need some encouragement in some new situations, but she is by no means timid or fearful, she will look to you for guidance. 

Billie - Playful, silly and a little goofball with a tail that is constantly wiggling. She loves attention and she's happy to give love. She love her toys and can play like the best of them. She wants to chase, tug and run until the cows come home (then she'd chase them, too). She's a sweet girl who has a lot of love to give the world. She is very busy and yet sweet. She really has one goal in life: fun! And she really wants that fun to be with her people. 

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