Photos: Sojo x Hustle - week 1

We're so thrilled with how big and strong these puppies are. Hustle is being a great and attentive mother. The puppies are fat, sassy and wonderfully gorgeous. 

Here they are, in birth order, at a week old:

Duke. He can be filed under "handsome". He's a big boy at 2 lbs 1 oz. He's strong and sweet. 

Ella. She can be filed under "sweet". She looks lots like her mom and is no slacker at the milk bar at 1 lb 14.5 oz. 

Nina. File her under "princess". She has a face that could melt anyone's heart. Lots of 'tude and she is also over 2 lbs already! 

Oscar. He should be filed in "Burly". He's the biggest right now and a real chunky monkey. Reminds me a lot of his dad. 2 lbs 2.5 oz. 

Etta. She can be filed under "adorable". She is the smallest of the litter, but by no means a "runt" at 1 lbs 10 oz. Sweet and sassy.

Billie. She is surely filed under "sassy". Billie is so gorgeous and has lots of opinions about things. She is 1 lbs 15 oz. 

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