Week 4: some Candid shots

I didn't have a chance to get any formal shots of the puppies done this week. I've been so busy preparing for Nationals and moving the puppies to their bigger play pen. Here are some candid shots of the puppies for this week and also short descriptions of their personalities as they are now, though this may change as they mature. 

Duke is a confident young man with plenty of attitude and intelligence. He wants to be the centre of attention and will bark at me if I am engaged with another puppy and he wants my attention. He hesitates at very few things and it takes a lot to startle him. He is quite active and his favourite thing in the bigger play room is to run from one side of the play area to the other and in the middle he jumps into the green saucer and bouces out the other side. He's a riot. He also is a pretty good jumper already and takes flying leaps at almost everything. 

Ella is my sassy pants puppy. She is full of spunk and attitude. She does have a sweet side and wants to be engaged with me at all times, but she is also "the queen" in her books (as you saw if you watched the video of them on the saucer). When I am in their play pen, she is wanting to play with me. If I am sitting down she is climbing on me as high as she can go, to make sure she is as in my face as she can be. She seems to be just about fearless. Not much phases her and not much stops her. When I had them out with the bigger dogs, she was running from dog to dog pawing them and trying to get them to notice her way down there. She is a real hoot and going to be a very busy girl who needs something to do. 

Nina is another girl with attitude. She is confident as can be too and very much a social butterfly. She loves to explore and when we put her down in the living room she is eager to see what else is out there in the world. We're usually chasing her around the house or trying to figure out where the heck she is. She loves attention and she loves to play. She loves to tug at me and bounce at me. She is another jumper - she thinks she can jump the tall side of the play pen and takes running leaps at it. Of course, she was the first one to escape from the shorter side, so that needed to be blocked off. She is a sassy little thing to and can often be found in a rumble with her brothers. 

Oscar is just scrumptious. Sweet young man who is often off doing something on his own. He loves to tug blankets and he loves to chase balls. He has a wicked sense of humour. If I tap the ground in front of him he backs up, waits until he thinks I've forgotten then pounces. He is a thinker and a little easier to startle than his other siblings but he quickly finds the confidence to go investigate. He loves to play with me, stare at me and paw at me. He really reminds me lots of his daddy at this age and not just in colour. Those deep soulful eyes will surely suck someone in and he will make them his. 

Etta is an adorable and generally quiet girl. She is usually off doing her own thing and sneaks up behind me to chew my sock or pants and I swear if puppies could giggle she would be. She loves to give kisses and loves to paw at me too. She also startles a little easier than her other siblings, but recovers well for her age. She has beautiful structure - just in a smaller package. She does everything her siblings do, she is busy, playful and smart, she just does it in a quieter way and she is not as demanding of my attention - although she seeks it out in her own quiet way when her siblings are doing other things. She is very gentle around the food bowl and if she can't find a space to squeeze in, she waits.  

Billie is my little troublemaker already - if I put a fresh pee pad down, she's the first to try to rip it; a new blanket outside the crate, she's the first to try to drag it into the crate; a pant leg moving, she is gonna chase it down and kill it. She loves to play chase with me and her new thing is to climb me and be right in my face. If I don't look at her, she'll bark. She is not scared of much and very confident in new environments too. She is another explorer and really likes to see what else is out there (Nina takes one direction and she takes the other when they are lose in the house - you know just to keep us on our toes). She is not as sassy as Ella, but still has plenty of attitude. 

© Ayella Grossman 2016