Oracle's Billion Dollar Ticket CGC, RL1-AOE, JS-N, RS-N


Lotto on table

Lotto has started a new chapter to her life and has moved to NJ and teamed up with Stacey. The two of them will be training for agility, rally, obedience and Canine Water Sports! We're so excited to follow her successes and life with Stacey! Thank you, Stacey for loving our silly red girl. 

Lotto Swim

Lotto is the complete, moderate package - beautiful angulation front and rear, a rock solid topline standing and moving, a beautiful neck and very typey head-piece. She is a correct, balanced and moderate mover - she really could go all day. She is smart as can be, loves to work and is drivey. She is exactly what we wanted from this litter and we are so pleased to see judges have been noticing her correctness, too. Thank you SBJ Sandy Cornwall for a huge bred-by class win and then onto RWB when Lotto was a year old. 

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