Retired but always a part of the family

Being a reputable breeder often has many sacrifices. One of the hardest for us is placing an older dog who has not worked for our breeding program. Being that we love each dog like they are our children, it is an impossibly hard decision to place a dog that has been a part of our lives. However, we are committed to breeding only the best representations of the breed and sometimes the best home comes along that is able to take an older dog. It is in the best interest of the dogs to go to a home where they can go on to make someone else's life that much more special. With that in mind, Barb and Bella for loving Shakespeare so much. 



Shakespeare is a wonderful dog, but a terribly wry bite and other reasons led us to the decision to neuter him. He now owns Mike's mom Bella and her partner Barb. We are fortunate enough to see Shakespeare in a regular basis and have him stay with us when Bella and Barb go away. It is very clear that he is SO happy living with them and we know without a doubt that they are madly in love with him. He is incredibly spoiled in all the best ways! After he comes from a visit, it's always hard to see him go, but he doesn't even look back - that's how we know we made the right decision.

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