Photos: Sojo x Hustle - Day 1


Born in the very early morning of Sept. 28th, 2012. 
Shown below in birth order.

Day1-Formal 1W

Duke - Big and strong red merle boy. 


Day1-Formal 4W

Ella - Sweet as honey and looks like her mommy. Red merle girl. 


Day1-Formal 6W

Nina - Very pretty and classy. Black tri girl. 


Day1-Formal 7W

Oscar - Cute and determined. Black tri boy. 


Day1-Formal 10W

Etta - Little muffin, perfectly adorable. Red tri girl. 


Day1-Formal 12W

Billie - Fashionable and sassy. Red merle girl. 


Day1-Candid 6

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