Sojourner and Hustle - 9.5 Weeks

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Duke - This sweet, loving and smart little man is destined to be a service dog for his new mom Fran in Boston. We're so proud of Duke and look forward to watching him grow and develop in great hands! 


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Ella - This smart, drivey, self-confident and adorable girl is going to be co-owned with Leigh-Ann and work towards Leigh-Ann's goal of having an OTCH and CH girl. We certainly think Ella fits the bill. We're so excited to have her stay close and potentially part of the future of Oracle. 

Now known as "Brazen" ... OracleTreeStar Beauty N Brains


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Nina - Miss personality, confident and constant wiggle bum is heading to Calgary to be Devan's first performance puppy. Devan is hoping to compete in a few venues and Nina is going to be lucky enough to come to work with her. 


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Oscar  - Mr. Sojo-Jr is heading to be a loyal companion and frisbee playmate for William in Milton. We're so happy that he will stay close so we can watch this sweet and loving boy grow up. I am going to miss momma's boy!
Now known as "Beau" ... Oracle's The Greatest of TreeStarr (pending)


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Etta - Oh, Etta! She's staying here at Oracle to grow up for a bit. 


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Billie - this playful, silly and drivey girl is going to be joining Jenelle and be her next competitive Frisbee dog. Another girl who we're happy will stay close by and we'll get to see all the time at Frisbee Trials.  
Now known as "Passion" ... Oracle Passion2Fly w TreeStarr (pending)

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